Swedish Politicians' support of SCE petition multiplies.











Stop Child Executions Campaign greatly appreciate the overwhelming support of Swedish Parliamentary members:

2025. gudrun utas sweden

Member of Parliament

2028. Jenny Fors Sweden political secretary on environment

Member of Parliament

2051. Egon Frid Sweden Member of the parliment
2053. Mats Einarsson Sweden Councillor, Left Party

member of Parliament

2054. Gunilla Wahlén Sweden MP

Member of Parliament

2070. Eva Olofsson Sweden Member of parlament
2080. Elina Linna Sweden Member of Parliament
2095. Lars Ohly Sweden President of the Left Party, MP

Member of Parliament

2101. Anki Ahlsten Sweden Party secretary
2100. Rossana Dinamarca Sweden Member of Parliament
2108. Mats Sander SWEDEN Member of Parliament
2116. Åsa Kemppi Sweden

Member of Parliament

2126. Ulla andersson Sweden

Member of Parliament

2142. Ewa Larsson Sweden Chair of the Green Women

Former Member of Parliament

SCE encourage our campaign supporters to contact your country leaders & politicians, your local members of parliament and your minister of foreign affairs asking them to join the other worlld politicians in signing the SCE petition demanding the Government of Iran to stop child executions as well as asking the UN offices to demand Iran to comply with signed treaties. . (US Officials can be found here)

A word of thanks to Pia and Manocher for their continuous lobbying efforts in Sweden.