Delara Darabi Update

We have been receiving few inquiries from the concerned Delara Darabi campaign supporters about recent news and the mass emails that were distributed claiming that :”In the past two days, Delara has been severely beaten in prison by both the prisoners and the prison guards. Prison authorities have confirmed that Delara’s body bears severe signs of beatings and abuse. “

In a phone conversation with SCE campaign Mr. Khoramshahi, Delara’s attorney stated that “throughout her jail time she has often been harrassed and beaten by other prisoners.”. He did not make any reference to any reports of being beaten by “prison guards”. According to Delara’s sister , her father “just visited Delara and there were no reports of her being severly beaten in the last couple of days.”

The same article claimed that ” Amir Hussain, the young boy who was imprisoned on charges of having assisted Delara during the murder, was allowed to leave the prison on official leave. While on leave, Amir Hussain threatened to kill Delara’s family and vowed to create significant “problems” for them if Delara is exonerated. “

Both Delara’s sister and lawyer stated that although they occasionally receive threatening phone calls but they have no confirmation as to who makes such phone calls. According to Delara’s sister the past calls were “not by Amir Hossein”. It should be noted that in the event Delara is exonerated Amir Hossein may face death penalty.

We continue to encourage others to state the source of published news for readers, so they can independently verify the news than having to resort to contacting SCE for verifications. Additionally SCE campaign continues to encourage more responsible reporting of the information by others, as such “sensationalism” result in unnecessary additional distress on Delara’s family and supporters.