Delara's file sent for review

According to Etemaad Newspaper in Iran, yesterday Delara Darabi’s father sent a letter to Ayatollah Shahrudi head of judiciary and requested transfer of her daughter from city of Rasht to Tehran. In the letter he added: ” My daughters is in a bad emotional state. She takes about 15 anxiety pills a day and still she is a bad state. Instead of studying at school and only because of a doubted accusation my daughter has spent three years in prison. For the past three years, at nights Delara sees the shadow of the execution rope on her neck. As a painter and artist, for Delara this is so difficult to endure.”

Delara Darabi’s father

Abdolsamad Khormashahi, Delara’s attorney also re-verified to Etemaad  : ” The attempts to transfer Delara from Rasht to Tehran has begun. She is not in a good emotional state and I hope the head of judiciary approves her transfer.” As for Delara’s most recent file status he said: ” Per my request, the file was transferred on April 5th from head of judiciary to the review division.”.  ” There are evidences in the file to prove Delara’s innocence and I am confident those will be noticed by the honorable judges of the review division and those judges who reside at the offices of the head of judiciary.” He added.
Mr. Khoramshahi stressed to the Etemaad reporter that the published rumors about Delara’s execution order are false as her file has not even been reviewed yet.
Last week in a phone conversation he also denied False rumors and stated that it will probably be few months before Delara’s case is determined.