Beneath the Veil

By : Hazel Sawyer (UK)
Few months ago Delara Darabi became a part of my life as did Nazanin Fatehi. They impacted my life so much that my studies started to slip. I was so anxious to somehow help save these young women and the other children on death row. I then asked for permission to use the information within both Nazanin and Delara s myspace sites to make an artwork. I used some of the quotes that people had written to Delara as an inspirations for my art. I have made this for my studies in college, but I have created it mainly to help gain Delara’s freedom and to share it with those who may not know about her and other children on the death row.
When I display my work I intend to have a petition for people’s signatures and comments to to be added to Delara s and Stop Child Executions petitions and to be displayed on both websites.

Dedicated to Delara Darabi and the other minors on death row

Delara is an artist among other gifted talents. Being an artist myself, I felt very deeply for Delara I chose to do my instillation in mainly black and white, taking the colours away as they had done to Delara from the age of 17 when she was imprisoned , knowing it must be a cruel painful experience in itself

The head bearing scars from the casting choosing to leave them rather than remove them, to signify the scars these children suffer both emotionally and physically.
I cast a rope (in iron) in the shape of a noose to represent the children being hung. Which is held in one hand.
I cast a rib (in iron) to represents the belief that woman came from a man s rib, not from his feet to be walked on, not from his head to be superior, but from the side to be equal, under the arm to be protected, and next to the heart to be loved. (quote)
The circular weight around the neck (in plaster) is a cast taken from crepe paper, its texture effect is a symbol of ripples that effect all of us, it has a similarity to a millstone, which have in some places become symbols dedicated to victims of abuse, as a tribute to their survival. Government of Iran has signed international laws stating no executions under the age of 18 and the people of Iran also believe in those laws but the government is not abiding by them.
The black cloth reflects the darkness in these children’s lives and the things that are being covered up and kept quite.
The olive branch that the figure is resting its head against is not only a symbol of peace, but also to give them strength.
The stone s placed around the circle have blood upon them; represent the suffering of women who have been stones to death because of their lack of human rights.
I cast a plaque with chain link upon it (in iron) . This is a welded chain which is held in the hands. The plaque is fixed heavily to the floor which represents the weight of the chains that have controlled these women and children, which must be broken to give back the colours to Delara. That is why the hands I cast (in plaster) are in colour.
We can help Delara get her colours back as long as we do not turn our back s as so many do. In the background there will be cast s of 3 human back s these will represent the many who have turned their backs and how easy it is for us to just to turn away, it is up to us to stand and view my art think of what it is trying to tell you.
You then have the choice to turn your back and walk away or think about the art and try to help by signing the petition and doing anything else possible to stop these women and children losing their lives.
Please sign the petitions to Save Delara Darabi and to stop the execution of Children in Iran
Hazel Sawyer