Delara Darabi unanticipated file transfer to head of judiciary causes concern

Yesterday Delara Darabi’s file was transferred from the city of Rasht to Ayatollah Shahroudi, the head of judiciary of Islamic Republic of Iran and if the verdict is approved by him she could be executed; Iranian newspaper Etemaad reported today.

Delara’s attorney, Abdolsamad Khoramshahi told the Etemaad reporter: ” I had asked the review division to examine the case but Unfortunately, I do not understand why the file was sent to Ayatollah Shahroudi to obtain his approval of the execution. Of course no officials have notified me of this matter. Regrettably there are many deficiencies in this file that have not been addressed. I must say that I made my appeal and review request within the legally allowed time limits. I have frequently requested a re-enactment of the crime scene because this can clear many ambiguities and prove Delara’s innocence, but I do not know why this has never been done.”

Khoramshahi said: ” Delara’s mental and physical conditions is not good. She was imprisoned in her youth and because of being an artist she does not have much tolerance for prison. They have given her painting tools which has somewhat helped her situation but overall she is in a very fragile mental situation and this has been the cause of many of physical illnesses. She has lost much weight and her condition is not describable. That is why once in prison she attempted to commit suicide.”

“I am anticipating that the division of appeals would consider the deficiencies and to request the file back but I must also add that head of judiciary and their judges are very careful in their file reviews and I am sure during the review they will notice the ambiguities and deficiencies in the file and will not easily overlook these issues and there is good possibility that they exonerate the verdict.” he told Etemaad.

Delara’s lawyer added: “On the other hand with the help of Mr. Tahmasebi the attorney in city of Rasht, I will continue my attempts to transfer Delara from Rasht prison to Tehran and I am very hopeful that this could happen within the next few days.” 


Right: Delara’s in prison Hijab in 2005 court appearance
Top left: Judge Javid Nia who issued the death sentence
Center: Delara w her attorney in corurt, Amir Hossein, boyfriend
Photo source: Iran Newspaper Dec 31, 2005 issue