Delara being prepared to be hanged is a FALSE RUMOR

We have been asked about yet another rumor published in a website and blog that :

“Officials in Rasht “preparing to Hang Delara Darabi“. The articles have concluded that the “this matter is extremely urgent and requires your immediate attention.” 

DELARA DARABI IS NOT BEING PREPARED TO BE HANGED AND HER EXECUTION IS NOT IMMINENT. For accurate information please refer to the closing statments of Delara’s attorney yesterday as reported by SCE campaign from Etemaad newspaper

In Januray 21, 2007 the same blog and in other websites also falsely reported that Delara Darabi “In Jail takes own life”. The statement also reported that “the appellate court planned on vacating her sentence. Unfortunately, the authorities in  Rasht had limited Delara to only 2 phone calls per month, including calls to her attorney.  As such, Delara did not know that she was about to be free from jail.” ….The report went to the extent of claiming that “An autopsy has been scheduled for Delara.”. Obviously the rumor of Delara’s death and planned freedom was also false.

On March 20th we also had to report the false rumor of Reza Alinejad’s execution on April 1st, 2007 (3 days ago!) published by the same person. 

As stated previously:  We will continue our practice of verifying the news before reporting them as well as always providing the source of the news. We also ask the readers to verify and ask for source of the any rumors they read before assuming them as factual and passing them to others as accurate information. Such false rumors at times can have serious consequences for the prisoners, their family and the campaign supporters.