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altMany people have written to SCE congratulating the president and co founder Nazanin Afshin-Jam on her recent nuptials with Peter Mackay. They had asked their family and friends not to provide gifts but rather to donate to their favorite charity. Many decided to contribute to Stop Child Executions. Based on your generous donations this month, close to $3,000 has been collected plus $5000 that was donated by Hello Magazine for the use of their wedding photos in their January 23rd issue for a total of $8000 which will be available to help with campaigning for this important cause. They thank you for your generosity. Their marriage also made headlines across Canada which also brougth awarness about the problem of children on death row.

Since the summer of 2009, many lawyers helping children on death row have been imprisoned or have fled the country simply due to defending the rights of these children and bringing shame to the regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran. This year we will be trying to boost profile about the abuse of not only children on death row but the imprisonment of these human rights defenders. Nazanin continues to do speeches worldwide and raising awareness on the plight of these children. Some recent speeches include:

-Grant McEwan University Feb 2nd 2012 for Global Awareness Week

- UBC Golden Key Member Recognition Event Nov.5th, 2011

-AAISA Provincial Conference: Settlement and Integration: Connection Local Leadership to the Global Perspective Oct 28th 2011

- Brescia University Breakfast for Bursaries October 20th 2011

-UBC Start an Evolution Campaign Sept 27, 28th, Oct 1st

-HEAL Canada: Violence against Women and Women’s Rights May 5th 2011

-Selkirk College: Mir Peace Lecture Series February 2nd 2011

-Center for Political and Foreign Affairs Iran Panel Dec. 2010