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This week, Iran was put on the spot for its human rights abuses at the UN's Human Rights Council's Universal Periodic Review.
Stop Child Executions had sent in a report to the UPR outlining Iran's abuses as they concerned juvenile offenders who stand on trial and have been sentenced to death. The UPR had quoted SCE in its final report submitted to Iran for review and recommendations:
You can see it here, under the corrigendum link: http://www.ohchr.org/EN/HRBodies/UPR%5CPAGES%5CIRSession7.aspx

The Islamic Republic of Iran dismissed many of the allegations and pointed the finger back on other countries human rights abuses. In an outline of the review, they have denied committing any infrigements in regards to child executions.


It is a real dissapointment to see that the Islamic Republic of Iran will not admit to their daily violations of human rights and are not taking responsibility to correct their wrongs.
The international community must step up and pressure Iran in a more significant way, through crippling sanctions to regime officials, in order to the voices of the oppressed and marginalized can be heard. Human Rights should be at the forefront of every debate on Iran including on the Nuclear Question.