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According to the Committee for Human Rights Reporters, after 6 years anxiously awaiting execution, Benyamin Rasouli has been spared the death penalty and is now released.
Fifteen year old Benyamin was in a fight when allegedly he accidentally killed his friend. He was initially convicted of murder and sentenced to death through Branch 74 of the criminal court of Tehran. His lawyer testified that due to his age and the fact that the strike was not premeditated that his file should be sent back to court for reconsideration.
Due to the fact that the murder was not intentional, the family of the victim granted forgiveness and accepted the payment of approximately $50,000.00 USD blood money in compensation. Human rights activists and those fighting against child executions helped Benyamin's family to raise the required amount.
On November 27th (Azar 6th) the judges from branch 71 reviewed his file and signed his release due to the fact that he had spent sufficient time in prison for his crime.